Amori finished her degree in Computer Information Sciences at University of North Florida, USA. She lived and worked there almost 20 years. Her yoga journey began 10 years ago when she was living in New York City. Her first encounter with yoga at the local gym was to relieve lower back pain. She discovered how Yoga helps her not only overcome physical challenges, but also maintains the balance between spiritual and material world.

Amori is a certified instructor for open level at all ages with experience in class sizes of 1-70 people. She earned her teacher certification from Yoga to the People where strongly believes yoga is accessible for everyone. She continues to grow her practice and teaching through yoga seminars, workshops, readings and living. Yoga has transformed her life. She is very grateful for the opportunity to practice and train many forms of yoga; Slow flow, Iyenga, Power yoga, Kundalini, Hatha yoga, and Ashtanga yoga with different masters and senior teachers in New York City.